Golden À La Riviera Maya Sunset Bejewelled freshwater explorations in Jumbo Crystal Row Pearl Bow elegant Soupir Pink Adornments snorkeled in Luxurious Glamour. 

Summer READY Beauté x.

Treat Yourself

THe Gift for her “En sa beauté gît ma mort et ma vie.”– Maurice Scève

Cannes Rêve


Lutetia Dreams

Cosseted by Four Seasons Champs-Elysées George V brasserie, richly elevated by a spotlight of Pavé Rosaire avant garde; traversed from the pure sanctuary gardens of Grand Versailles to the lush Cannes Palais Green Palm Mediterranean Starlit Sky.

GRAND 24/7 xx

SS21 - GL


Transition luxuriously from Peninsula Sablé Beach to the Grand Hyatt evening diner with a curated collection of luxury jewellery pieces inundated with a sparkling Blue ocean of Aplomb passion and romantic rendezvous.

Island GLOW galore xx

Designer Gold Flacon La Summer '21 Holiday Edition "D'OR"

Sa beauté dure


On the rocks “Il n’est rien de réel que le rêve et l’amour.”


Beige Diamond Latoya Très Blanc Evening Bag

Miss Lala GoldBerry meet me at 8pm For date-night

10 Million

A million stars in love beautiful "compte tes étoiles."

You Diamond Girl

Luxury Golden hues for golden hours, L'Abeille Michelin-starred gourmand Mille-Feuille, Chocolate sauce and Vanilla Ice, dessert crush staycations. Illuminated by Céline Vendôme bevelled silhoutte reflections at her 5-Star Ballroom.

Forever GLAM hours xx